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What is it?

SGG BALDOSA GRABADA is from the DECORGLASS series in 19 mm  thickness.

ADVANTAGES Light Transmission : Because of its mechanical properties this glass can be used in areas, where normally opaque glasses are used. By using SGG BALDOSA GRABADA small rooms appear bigger becauselight flows into it.

Design : Its design is popular due to its simplicity, which is the current trend in interior design.

Mechanical strength : Because of its thickness SGG BALDOSA GRABADA is used where robust but aesthetically appealing material is required.

Where can it be used? This glass can be used in :
Hotels, Offices and other public buildings
Basins, Room partitions and counters
Tables and table tops


Glass blocks are ideal for applications requiring: light control, safety (fire resistance, reinforced structure) heat insulation and sound proofing, in addition to traditional luminosity.
The basic in the glass block tradition has been reinterpreted in accordance with Seves quality standards. The prevalent style for Basic glass blocks is a clear monochrome, ideal for use in interiors and for exteriors, and the ability to combine the structural aspect with the functional one of the passage of light. The range of products contain refined glass designs and purity in the standard formats of the classic glass block.

Design: Transforming a glass block into an object of Design. The Design has been developed thanks to the contributions and experience of leading figures in contemporary architecture and design who have shared our desire to express a new concept of glass block inspired by principles such as creativity, style, functionality and innovation. 
The glass block has been enriched by all this work, and its shape, size, colour and technology have been transformed. Thanks to this new wealth of changes, the glass block is now ready to offer architects and interior designers new and extraordinary expressive tools.

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